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Royals and dogs seem to go together like, well, like Oreos and milk. And, just like in our own circles, the royal pets become loved and cherished members of the family. When Queen Victoria’s beloved Collie, Noble, died at Balmoral in 1887, he was buried in the grounds of the castle and given his own gravestone, which read:

‘Noble by name by nature noble too
Faithful companion sympathetic true
His remains are interred here’

At present, Queen Elizabeth owns four Corgis: Linnet, Monty, Willow and Holly and three Dorgis, a corgi-dachsund mix: Cider, Candy and Vulcan. The Duchess of Cornwall owns two Jack Russell terriers, Tosca and Rosie. The real question, following the recent Royal Wedding, is this: Kate and Wils, when are you getting a dog? And what kind of dog suits them? Would it be something sporting, like the Cocker Spaniel, or something strong, like the Mastiff? I think with the grace of Princess Kate, and Prince William’s pedigree, it may be somthing regal and very English, like the English Setter. Then again, maybe they’ll break with tradition and shock everyone. Maybe they’ll get a cat.


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Royal Companions

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth’s love of Pembroke Welsh Corgis is internationally known. She has elevated the little dog to great popularity through decades of loving, breeding and raising them. She was introduced to these sweet animals when her father, King George VI, gave the then ten-year-old princess her first corgi Dookie. She now has a pack of seven dogs, including corgis and dorgis, a corgi and dachshund crossbreed.

The royal family have always had a close connection with their four-legged friends, starting with Queen Victoria’s King Charles spaniel Dash, and Prince Albert’s greyhound Eos.

With the Royal Wedding barely a week behind us, the natural question is: How will Kate and Wils continue this tradition? I guess all we can do is wait and see.


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