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Originally from Hungary, the Vizsla is a medium-sized, short-coated hunting dog that is essentially Pointer in type, although he combines characteristics of both pointer and retriever. The agricultural terrain of Hungary created a dog of superior nose and high-class hunting ability well-suited to Hungarian climate and a variety of game. An attractive golden rust in color, this “dual” dog is popular due to his power and drive while hunting and his trainability in the home.


The Vizsla’s ancestors were hunters and companions for the Magyar hordes, a tribe that settled in what is now known as Hungary. A favorite of early barons, Vizslas are depicted in etchings as far back as the 10th century. The first written reference to Vizsla dog breed has been recorded in the Illustrated Vienna Chronicle prepared on order of King Lajos the Great (Louis the Great) by the Carmelite Friars in 1357. Companion dogs of the early warlords and barons, Vizsla blood was preserved pure for centuries by the land-owning aristocracy who guarded them jealously and continued to develop the hunting ability of these “yellow-pointers”. The breed has come back from near extinction at the end of WWII, at which time it was first introduced in the U.S.


The Vizsla thrives as part of an active family that provides daily exercise. He is lively and affectionate to his people, and possesses an above-average ability to take training. He is lively, gentle-mannered, very loving and affectionate and sensitive though fearless with a well developed protective instinct. The Vizsla who receives plenty of exercise and love will be a loyal, constant member of the family.


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If your dog or cat hasn’t taken you shopping at Dogma Pet Supply and Dog Wash yet, tell them it is time they did.  The store is literally filled from top to bottom with toys and treats.  We were allowed to go on Wyatt’s most recent shopping trip (he was stopping in for a pedicure and shampoo) and he nearly exhausted himself showing us the huge variety of healthy foods, and endless supply and variety of hides and bones to chew.  There was something for every taste and budget, and Wyatt enjoyed pointing out all of his favorites.  He lingered over the wall of toys, some with squeakers, some with furry faces, all with appealing colors and textures and an emphasis on safe play.  Wyatt has his eye on a leather leash as the weather warms up, hoping to stroll the Boardwalk in Downtown Evergreen in style.  Before leaving he selected a bag of bacon, maple syrup and blueberry treats that meet all of his high standards for nutrition, as well as his heartfelt commitment to flavor.  As Wyatt checked out he told Craig that he thoroughly enjoyed his spa day and looked forward to his next visit.


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Health Check

As spring is in the air as well as a reality on the calendar, it is important to be sure that our pets’ vaccines are up to date.  There will be more days at the park and longer walks in the meadow and more chances to get all the annoying ailments that plague the modern day domestic animalKennel Cough is a big one for your dog and that vaccination needs to be renewed every six months through a simple nasal spray.  Like the flu shot the vaccine doesn’t prevent every strain of Kennel Cough but it will shorten the endurance and severity of the cough if your dog is infected.  Wyatt, a client of Mountain Vet to Pet and Dogma Pet Supply contracted the illness shortly after receiving the vaccination.  The cough sounded like a seal bark and often he appeared to be choking.  Dr. Lisa Warren diagnosed him with Kennel Cough and prescribed an antibiotic and mild suppressant and within two days the coughing started to lessen.  During the time he was on the antibiotic he was still contagious and wasn’t allowed to play with his friends, but soon he was back to his healthy self and running with the gang again.  Wyatt was thrilled to have been diagnosed so quickly, the day after he started coughing, and to be treated properly so that his cough didn’t become a chronic issue and he was glad that he had already had his vaccination because his cough was never severe.  Living in the mountains can make it harder for dogs to deal with their Kennel Cough making the vaccination even more important.  Wyatt is feeling better and wants his friends to know that he appreciated the cards and letters while he convalesced.


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Bringing it Home

Taking your pet to see their doctor can be a lot like getting a baby to take medicine.  If they decide they are going to be miserable, there is no convincing them otherwise.   Mountain Vet to Pet offers the perfect solution.  Dr. Lisa Warren actually comes to your house, equipped with an amazing tool kit that allows her to examine your dog or cat in the comfort of their own home.  They feel they are greeting a guest rather than visiting the evil person who gives them shots.  She connects with the pet and the family with genuine caring concern and by the end of your appointment you will find yourself breathing a sigh of relief.  When there is an emergency situation, Lisa is always available through email and answers her calls in a timely manner.  Wyatt, who is an especially charming mix of Rhodesian Ridgeback and Hungarian Vizsla, finds his visits with Dr. Warren “low stress and worth a good tail wagging”.  He loves when she comes to the house and how she calls him “gorgeous”.  There is no better place than home to address your pet’s health needs.  People doctors used to make house calls.  They could take a lesson.


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