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Pawpalooza – Dr. Lisa


Dr. Lisa of Mountain Vet to Pet will be participating in Pawpalooza at Dogma this Saturday. Dr. Lisa understands the family dynamic of pet ownership, and she’ll treat your fur-kid with dignity while treating you with respect. Bring your pet into Pawpalooza for a wellness check with Dr. Lisa. She’ll be happy to answer any health related questions you may have about your four-legged friend.


Pawpalooza – Saturday, October 8 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.


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Floppy Ears

Do you often see your dog scratching its ears, shaking its head, or acting irritable with its ears? If so, it could be is suffering from a case of ear infection. Ear infection is very common to dogs with flopped ears.    Fungal infections, which can be started with the smallest amount of water in the ear, are common because air fails to circulate freely in the ears.  Air circulation is very crucial in maintaining the health of the ears of dogs.

Ear infections in dogs can be easily treated and cured, but require a visit to the veterinarian – it is crucial that the right medicine is given because there are many different types of infection. Regularly check the ears of your flop-eared dogs to see if it discharges ear wax abnormally.  Normal ear wax excreted by the ears is largely odor-free.  If there is a foul odor coming from your dog’s ear, the chances are high that it has got some infection.  If that’s the case, try to clean your dog’s ears gently.  Use cotton balls dipped in an ear cleaning solution obtained from the vet’s clinic. Your veterinarian may also prescribe drops for your dog’s ears to help clear up the infection. If your dogs ears do not flop over, you don’t need to clean them – he can clean them himself.


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X-Ray Vision

All of us who are pet owners know the stress we feel when our beloved four-legged friend is ill or injured. We don’t always know what’s wrong – have they swallowed something? Have they broken something? Do they have kidney stones, or a tumor? We can become panicky with our lack of knowledge and our desire to help, so we rush to the veterinarian looking for that expert advice we seek. Our stress level and our pet’s suffering are multiplied when we hear that we’ll have to “wait for results” because the office doesn’t have the necessary diagnostic equipment.

………………………………………………………… Thankfully, this is not the case with Mountain Vet to Pet. Dr. Lisa has a new, state of the art x-ray machine which enables her to quickly and accurately diagnose many illnesses and injuries, giving you – the anxious owner – immediate results. Couple this with her vision that animals should be treated with dignity, and her understanding of the family-pet dynamic, and you’ll feel your anxiety lift, knowing that your furry family member is in the best possible hands.


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Those of us who are pet owners view our four-legged friends as part of the family. Many of us even treat our sweet furry babies like our children – always giving them the best, and in fact even spoiling them at times. When it’s time to go to the vet, for a check-up or for an illness, we see it as a necessary evil, something we must do for our pet’s health, but which causes untold stress for both pet and owner. You know what I’m talking about – you take the cat to the vet, and when the doctor opens a drawer to get an instrument, Kitty sees the opportunity to reach safety and dives in. You and the doctor then spend the next twenty minutes trying to coax Kitty out of the drawer. Or if it’s your dog, he happily jumps in the car, thinking you’re going somewhere fun, then when he catches a whiff of his destination, he refuses to get out of the car, drags on his leash, sits or lies down and basically does everything he can to keep you from getting him into the building.

Dr. Lisa at Mountain Vet to Pet works her veterinary practice a little differently. She understands that Pup and Kitty are part of the family, and treats them as such. She conducts her exams and many of her treatments right in your own home, reducing the stress for your pet and making the experience much easier for you, the owner. It’s like having a family friend come to visit, and seeing the vet is no longer an evil, but instead a relatively painless part of a normal day at home.


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It All Counts

Part of the quality care that your pet receives at Mountain Vet to Pet comes from the fact that Dr. Lisa Warren has spent years building an understanding of cats and dogs, knowing exactly what makes them tick.  She pays attention to what causes agitation and what promotes calm and security, because when your pet isn’t wasting energy being fearful or stressed, their treatment is more productive.  The Mountain Vet to Pet office doesn’t smell or look clinical but rather provides a comfortable, reassuring welcome, much like home.  Not only does the front “living room” atmosphere calm the patient but it gives the rest of the family a sense of well-being, which also contributes to the serenity of the patient.   The examination rooms are not walled in but instead have large windows so that your dog can see out, a basic canine requirement in order to maintain their calm.  Even the art on the walls is placed specifically with your four legged family member in mind.  Cats can become tense when they are confronted with large images in wall art, so the 36’ X 24’ portrait of the Great Danes, though beautiful, doesn’t hang in the examination room.  Neutral, earthy colors on the walls and floor create a subdued sense of order and quiet harmony.   A Vet’s office planned with the happiness of the patient and the family in mind makes a tremendous difference in everyone’s pet care experience – simply healthier by design.


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Family Medicine

Veterinarians are their own species of person.  Some of them are so clinical it is almost frightening to take your pets in, and you will never, no matter how long you take your animals to them, feel that you are giving your pet the best care you can.  Other Vets think themselves more like the animal than the person who pays the bill, so your communication with them will always be third hand.  You will know how your dog or cat is doing by what the doctor is telling the animal, rather than by what the doctor is saying to you, and when you ask them a question, they will look at you as though you interrupted an important conversation.  Then there is Dr. Lisa Warren, who sweeps into your home with the warmth of a good friend and immediately puts man and beast at ease.  She clearly loves the pet, interacting with them as though they are her own, but her conversation is with the human part of the combination, so that when she is done treating your pet, all of your questions have been answered and you will feel that you are fully informed about the results of the examination.  It is an interesting mix of personality, when one can love your dog or cat without overlooking you, but Lisa’s approach is to treat the animal as part of the family, connecting with everyone so that there is a mutual understanding of the pet’s needs and how best to meet them, taking the animal’s health and the budget into consideration.  The blend makes for a happy pet and a happy family all the way around.


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