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Schnoodle, Anyone?

Many of us know Simon Baker as the character Patrick Jane on The Mentalist. In fact, the season finale is tonight, and millions of people will be tuned in. But Simon is also a dedicated family man with a beautiful wife, three children, and a sweet Schnoodle named Happy that he rescued and now owns. The Mentalist actor and wife Rebecca Rigg frequently bring their Schnoodle out to play in Brentwood, California where they live.

Although their name makes them sound like a yummy dessert, Schnoodles are a hybrid breed, with two purebred parents – one Schnauzer and one Poodle. They are rising in canine stardom, and vary in size depending on the size of the parents. The Schnoodle temperament combines traits from both Schnauzers and Poodles,¬†particularly in its intelligence, lively personality, good temper and protective nature. The intelligence of the Schnoodle is readily apparent as it is quickly trained and inquisitive, although its intelligence sometimes has it solving problems that its owner would prefer it had not solved — like how to get into the trash or out of the yard. They thrive as family pets and are devoted and affectionate to their recognized family. Much like their forebears, Schnoodles are active dogs and are impressive runners and jumpers; regular exercise and activity are necessary components of their lives. And, well – they are just amazingly cute and cuddly. Schnoodle, anyone?


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