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True Love

Somehow, I’ve developed this undeserved reputation for being aloof. I am refined, with delicate sensibilities, and simply because I don’t go throwing myself at the feet of just anyone who walks by, some people think I’m “stand-offish” or “stuck-up”. But I tell you, it isn’t true. Try to remember that just because someone chooses to pet me, doesn’t mean I’m obligated to respond. You see, in my world, I do the choosing. And I am very, very careful about who I’ll love.


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I adore you. That’s why I follow you from room to room, and sometimes try to get up on your bed with you, even though you’ve said, “NO.”  I live for you and no one else. When you leave me at home alone, I spend my waking moments at the window, watching for you to return.

I love you. I would do anything for you. I am your boy. And when you step outside with me, and pick up my ball, my heart sings with joy. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than my time with you. Even when your aim is off, or your mind is on other things, or you’re distracted by another person; as long as you keep throwing my ball, I know you love me. It’s my favorite part of the day, and I can tell it’s yours, too.


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True Blue

Never underestimate the power of a best friend.  One that will be there when all the others have fallen away; one that will love you even when your breath is bad – the kind of friend that gives you their heart from the moment you walk in the door, and regardless of your demanding nature finds time to listen to your stories.  Mental health has been attributed to these better than average companions, as well as physical healing and general well-being in the elderly.  So what is it about them that makes them such perfect comrades, such loving soul-mates day in and day out?  They have something that humans lack.  They have focus and nothing will tear them away from it.  They know that their purpose is to love the one they call master, and they do it with all their hearts no matter how long the day, or how hard the road.


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