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Mellow Mut® Treats

dog wash in EvergreenDo you have a high-energy dog, and are looking for a treat he’ll just love made with natural, wholesome ingredients? Mellow Mut ® eoncourages a happy, healthy lifestyle for your pooch. The key ingredients of this yummy dog treat are cage-free chicken breast and a Vitamin E supplement.

Here’s what one customer is saying: “Our bearded collie loves Mellow Mut. We first heard of MM from our veterinarian, who recommended it as a healthful, all natural product to calm our very high-energy ten-year-old puppy. It’s one of her favorite early morning treats – usually snacking on three or four chicken breast strips. By the time we leave for work, she really is a mellow mutt. A great product.”

Check here for Mellow Mut ®, and other healthful treats for your fur-kid.


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50% Off “Wash Your Own Dog”


dog wash in Evergreen

Today, from 9 A.M. till noon is 50% off in our “wash your own dog” dog wash at Dogma. Bring your pooch in, leave with him or her shiny and clean, and we’ll deal with the mess! Our facilities work for big and small dogs alike, and each wash station is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between uses. We can’t wait to see you both!!


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The Gift of Coziness

dog wash in EvergreenAre you still looking for that perfect Christmas gift for your fur-kid? What about a new pet bed, so your four-legged friend can have her own special spot? Dogma™ carries products that are functional for your pets, stylish enough for any living space, completely washable, and earth friendly. We have all colors and sizes available. So this Christmas, treat your pooch or kitty to their very own irresistibly cozy place to sleep!

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Milk for the Cat

Milk for the Cat ~ Harold Monrodog wash in Evergreen

When the tea is brought at five o’clock,
And all the neat curtains are drawn with care,
The little black cat with bright green eyes
Is suddenly purring there.

At first she pretends, having nothing to do,
She has come in merely to blink by the grate,
But, though tea may be late or the milk may be sour,
She is never late.

And presently her agate eyes
Take a soft large milky haze,
And her independent casual glance
Becomes a stiff, hard gaze.

Then she stamps her claws or lifts her ears,
Or twists her tail and begins to stir,
Till suddenly all her lithe body becomes
One breathing, trembling purr.

The children eat and wriggle and laugh;
The two old ladies stroke their silk:
But the cat is grown small and thin with desire,
Transformed to a creeping lust for milk.

The white saucer like some full moon descends
At last from the clouds of the table above;
She sighs and dreams and thrills and glows,
Transfigured with love.

She nestles over the shining rim,
Buries her chin in the creamy sea;
Her tail hangs loose; each drowsy paw
Is doubled under each bending knee.

A long, dim ecstasy holds her life;
Her world is an infinite shapeless white,
Till her tongue has curled the last holy drop,
Then she sinks back into the night,

Draws and dips her body to heap
Her sleepy nerves in the great arm-chair,
Lies defeated and buried deep
Three or four hours unconscious there.


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A Golden Christmas

Sometimes it’s nice to watch a movie simply because its message is sweet. Are you someone who likes a bit of romance? Especially at Christmas? A Golden Christmas will appeal to the romantic and the animal lover in you. A boy and girl share a special summer together with a wonderful dog. Years later, when each finds that life didn’t turn out as they expected, they return to the place that made them so happy as children. With the help of a Golden Retriever, each of them may be able to get over their troubles and find love. Twists, turns, romance, a beautiful dog, and puppies. It sounds like a recipe for some Christmas happiness.

dog wash in Evergreen


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Unconditional Love

Children love pets. I’ve seen it time and again when children come to my home who don’t have pets of their own. They want to pet the pooch, they want to hold the kitty. When animals and kids bond, it creates an environment of unconditional love for both of them. Caring for pets is also a fabulous way to teach responsibility and compassion to our young charges. They can start quite young learning to care for a living creature other than themselves.

To tap the training potential of having a household pet, get one that fits with your family’s lifestyle. Consider how much space and time you have, and what will be required to give adequate care to the animal you bring home. If you choose to bring home some goldfish, for example, your child can learn discipline and responsibility by being in charge of daily feeding and weekly cleaning of the bowl. A furry friend in the home may require care from both you and your child, but even a young child can be responsible for keeping the water dish full of fresh water. Depending on your child’s maturity level, they can also take over feeding duties. Take time to talk to your kids about what happens when an animal doesn’t get enough to eat or drink, or eats too much. Other job lists might include washing the feeding bowls or grooming the pet, and participating in walks where they hold the leash.

Pet ownership can also build compassion in a child. Teach them early the proper way to play with and pet an animal. Taking them to veterinarian visits can build an understanding that their pet is a living creature, not a toy. They learn that their pet feels pain, and must always be treated with gentleness. Of course, although we should never leave a very young child alone with a pet, children can learn to treat animals well, and provide the necessary care for them to be happy. These are life-long skills that will serve them well. The return on this investment is huge when you see your child snuggled up with his four-legged friend, and each is gazing into the other’s eyes with adoration.







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Pawpalooza – Dr. Lisa


Dr. Lisa of Mountain Vet to Pet will be participating in Pawpalooza at Dogma this Saturday. Dr. Lisa understands the family dynamic of pet ownership, and she’ll treat your fur-kid with dignity while treating you with respect. Bring your pet into Pawpalooza for a wellness check with Dr. Lisa. She’ll be happy to answer any health related questions you may have about your four-legged friend.


Pawpalooza – Saturday, October 8 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.


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