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Nature’s Logic®

dog wash in EvergreenAs loving pet-parents ourselves, we understand that you want to feed your pets only the very best. At Dogma™ we carry many healthful brands of food, one of which is Nature’s Logic® grain-free kibble. Nature’s Logic is committed to providing the highest quality and safest nutrition for the furry members of your family. They have created canned pet food with no chemically-synthesized ingredients. Nature’s Logic is the pioneer in developing truly 100% natural pet foods derived from nature…not chemistry. Their grain-free canned food contains nutrient dense muscle and organ meat with select fruits and vegetables.

Nature’s Logic provides your pet with essential and complete nutrition using only 100% natural ingredients. They never add chemically-synthesized vitamins, minerals or other trace nutrients, to ensure that your pet is not exposed to the potential toxicities associated with these man-made substances. You can feel confident and have peace of mind when feeding Nature’s Logic. Check here for this fabulous product as well as other great, nutritious foods for your pet.


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Big Dog Treats

Heaven goes by favor; if it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in. ~ Mark Twain

Do you have a large-breed dog? Giving him a healthful snack that he really enjoys can be a challenge. Dogma Pet Supply and Dog Wash™ carries Sojo’s® by Sojourner Farms Big Dog Treats – it’s homemade pet food made easy. Big Dog Treats are wheat & corn-free and come in two hearty recipes. The large bone shape makes them a satisfying snack for the big dog in your life.

We love big and small breeds alike at Dogma™ – bring your fur-kid in and we’ll set him up with something he loves!


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The key difference between Dogma Pet Supply and Dog Wash, and so many other places you can purchase your pet foods is that owners Craig and Brandy are committed to providing only the healthiest foods and snacks for your four legged family members.  Being an expert in nutrition, Craig knows that your dog will thrive and live in optimum health if his food is fresh, holistic and organic, without fillers, overuse of corn products, and sub-par meats and vegetables.  With every kind of feed from Dry Kibble including Innova, Health Wise and Pinnacle, to completely Grain Free Kibble like Acana, Evo and Great Life, to Raw and Freeze Dried packages that can be specially formulated for your particular dog, you will be able to find exactly what your dog needs to be in top form.  Dogma has done the research into the varieties of foods available and has filled his store with only the best, most nutritious available, so that you can know that you are doing more than just filling your dog’s tummy, you are fueling him for the greatest life he can live.


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