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Pawpalooza! – Today

Pawpalooza is today! Come on out to Dogma™ between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. This is an event you don’t want to miss! We have:

  • special veterinarian guest Dr. Lisa
  • vendors
  • adoption opportunities
  • treats available for your fur-kid
  • nutrition information
  • photos
  • FUN!

Four-legged friends are welcome, of course! We’re so excited to see you there.


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Pawpalooza – Dr. Lisa


Dr. Lisa of Mountain Vet to Pet will be participating in Pawpalooza at Dogma this Saturday. Dr. Lisa understands the family dynamic of pet ownership, and she’ll treat your fur-kid with dignity while treating you with respect. Bring your pet into Pawpalooza for a wellness check with Dr. Lisa. She’ll be happy to answer any health related questions you may have about your four-legged friend.


Pawpalooza – Saturday, October 8 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.


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A Little Pizzazz

You know how you can change your whole look by changing your jewelry? Or how an average outfit suddenly becomes stunning with the right belt and the ‘just right’ pair of earrings? And men, if your job forces you to conform (blue suit today, or black?) – you can express just a little bit of your individuality with the perfect tie. Well, what is the personality of your best friend  – the four-legged kind? Help her express herself with the perfect dog collar or leash. Is she sedate, or does she like to live on the wild side? Is she the outdoorsy type – all about practicality, or is she a princess (or maybe both)? With the large number of choices available at Dogma Pet Supply and Dog Wash™, you’re sure to find the perfect look for your pooch. There are many choices with comfort, security and function in mind. But why not have some fun while you’re at it? Who knows, you may end up expressing a little bit of yourself, too.


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*Mature* Ladies

Although The Evergreen Animal Protective League frequently have puppies available for adoption, they also receive older dogs whose owners have had to surrender them for a variety of reasons. These dogs are usually seasoned companions and simply want a family to belong to. If you are looking for a loyal companion, a more mature pet may be exactly what you need. Here are some ladies that would love to be loved!

Bear is a beautiful 6 year old spayed female Chow/Husky mix. She is friendly and loves being outdoors but cannot be overly active because of some joint issues – running and lots of steps are a bit hard for her.  If you’re looking for a mellow dog, she’d love to meet you. She’s always been around children and is really great with them, but due to allergies and asthma in her home, she is looking for someone new to love and care for her.

This is Molly, a lovely 8-year-old spayed English Pointer. She can get nervous around things that move too quickly or make loud noises, like the car, puppies and very small children; but, she loves to play – with other dogs, games of chase, and with her stuffed toys. If you have a fenced yard and would love a friend to cuddle with you on the couch, she just might be the one. She is extremely well-behaved and quiet, and just wants a happy home that she can be part of.

Annie and Tudie need a new home because one of their owners is very ill, and the other is taking care of him. They are pure-bred, 7-year-old spayed Shih Tzus and have been together since birth. Annie is a little clown, standing on her hind legs for treats and running in circles when she gets too excited! Tudie is more laid back and would be happy following you around the house or sitting next to you when you’re on the couch. Annie and Tudie will fill your house with joy and unconditional love. The girls must go to a home together, so if you’re looking for a pair of sweethearts, they’d love to meet you.


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The Shin Bone’s Connected to the ….

Dogs love to chew, and it seems they can smell a real meat bone a mile away. The problem with tossing your
dog a bone from the table scraps is that many bones tend to splinter and can actually be dangerous for your pet. At Dogma™, we care about your dog’s health, and have a perfectly healthful product to satisfy his desire to chew – buffalo shin bones.

Each all-natural buffalo shin bone is approximately 8″ in length and weighs nearly one pound.  Sold as individual bones, it’s important to make sure that they are exposed to dry air (this is a natural bone product after all). These shin bones are recreational bones and are not meant for consumption, but  they are great for dogs who do not normally eat raw meaty bones and outstanding as a very long lasting chew treat for dogs eating a raw food diet.

Buffalo shin bones are bursting with flavor! They are made entirely in the USA with free range, grass fed buffalo (American Bison). They are good for big and small dogs alike, and they will not splinter! Come in and check out our buffalo shin bones and other treats – then watch your pup enjoy himself to the fullest!


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Polydactyl is Not a Dinosaur

A true cat lover cradles a new kitten and knows that nine lives will never be nearly enough….Author Unknown. 

Polydactyl may be a word you don’t use every day, but it simple English, it means many-toed. Polydactyl cats (the more claws to hold on with) are so cute – some of them look like they’re wearing a catcher’s mitt on their paws because of their extra toes. These cats are also known as Hemingway cats, because the famous American author was one of the more famous lovers of polydactyl cats. He was first given a six-toed cat by a ship’s captain. He was a true cat lover, and his cats never let him down in this life. He once said, “One cat just leads to another.. the place is so … big it doesn’t really seem as though there were that many cats until you see them all moving like a mass migration at feeding time…” As provided in his will, his former home in Key West, Florida (The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum), currently houses approximately fifty descendants of his cats, around 50% of whom are polydactyl.


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X-Ray Vision

All of us who are pet owners know the stress we feel when our beloved four-legged friend is ill or injured. We don’t always know what’s wrong – have they swallowed something? Have they broken something? Do they have kidney stones, or a tumor? We can become panicky with our lack of knowledge and our desire to help, so we rush to the veterinarian looking for that expert advice we seek. Our stress level and our pet’s suffering are multiplied when we hear that we’ll have to “wait for results” because the office doesn’t have the necessary diagnostic equipment.

………………………………………………………… Thankfully, this is not the case with Mountain Vet to Pet. Dr. Lisa has a new, state of the art x-ray machine which enables her to quickly and accurately diagnose many illnesses and injuries, giving you – the anxious owner – immediate results. Couple this with her vision that animals should be treated with dignity, and her understanding of the family-pet dynamic, and you’ll feel your anxiety lift, knowing that your furry family member is in the best possible hands.


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