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Big Hearts Wanted

“People who love cats have some of the biggest hearts around.” – Susan Easterly


The Evergreen Animal Protective League has several loving cats available for adoption. Check here to see these beauties, to meet their friends, and to find out how to start the adoption process.


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Quinn is a very sweet medium-haired gray tabby. She is two-years-old and her original owner had to give her up because she had too many pets and felt she would do better in a quieter household. While a bit shy at first, she’ll open up with a little petting. She’d really love to meet you.


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Pepper was left behind when his owner passed away and the family put him outside. It’s definitely their loss. Pepper is a wonderful boy. He is about eight-years-old and is a shorthaired black kitty with white on his stomach. He is very quiet and thoughtful, and also very loving. He’s been really great with the other cats. Could you possibly provide Pepper’s second forever home?


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Nikita, a sweet and friendly shorthaired white and gray kitty, had her life disrupted when her owner ran into personal problems and had to relinquish her. She was a favorite in the cat room because she gets along with everyone – cats and humans alike. Nikita has tabby marks and is about eight-years-old. She’s waiting to give all her love to her forever human. Maybe it’s you.


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dog wash in EvergreenDoes your dog bark excessively and it seems that you can’t control it? The best place to start is in understanding why your pooch is making so much noise. There are a variety of reasons dogs bark, including issuing a warning (which can turn into fear), seeking attention, excitement, boredom, loneliness or anxiety. You’ll know best how to react to your dog’s barking if you know why he’s doing it.

Regardless of the reasons behind it, excessive barking can be curbed both you and your dog will be happier. Here are some tips for modifying your dog’s behavior, from Dog Training Tips:

• Do not shout at your dog. Shouting will only make his barking worse. He will think you are barking, too, and will probably be happy that you have joined in.
• Be consistent with your dog. Pick a one-word command or a noise that you make to control the barking. Everyone in the house must use the same command or noise, or it will not work. Ultrasonic noise is wonderful for curing excessive barking. Combined with behavior modification, it is the best way to stop excessive barking.
• Be patient with your dog. Changing a bad behavior can take time, and it can’t be fixed overnight. Don’t become angry with your dog, as he will sense this and may even bark more.
• Reward his good behavior. Your dog wants to please you, and praising him is the best reward.
• Do not talk soothingly to your dog when he barks. This may reinforce the idea that the barking was for a legitimate reason. He might begin to bark more.
• Practice with your dog to control his excessive barking. Practice in short spurts of 10 or 15 minutes, and take him in situations that you control.



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Oh, Uh …. Hi Mom.

Toilet paper? What toilet paper?

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Unconditional Love

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Awaken Your Soul

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Who Doesn’t Love Lassie?

We all know “Lassie,” but if you haven’t seen this particular version, then you’re missing something special. Lassie knows who her boy is, and she is determined to be with him. Separated by hundreds of miles and uncontrollable circumstances, Lassie does what it takes to get back home. This is a tale about love, loyalty and faithfulness between a boy and his dog – if you’re in the mood for a heartwarming, endearing story (especially one with a beloved furry friend) then this is sure to satisfy.

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Best Friends Waiting

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. ~ Josh Billings


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Meet Indy, an Aussie/Retriever mix who is approximately 1-2 years old. He is a very sweet and loving boy that is full of energy, and he gets along well with other dogs. Indy is micro-chipped, but was picked up as a stray. The owners were called and they said they gave Indy away and did not want to claim him. He’s looking for someone to love. Are you the forever home that this handsome boy deserves?



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This tiny little guy is full of personality. Peewee is a three-year-old neutered Chihuahua. He loves all people big and small. He loves to cuddle with his person but if they are up and about, he will follow everywhere they go. Peewee is full of playful energy so he would really benefit from a canine companion. This little guy weighs about 4 pounds, and would love to meet you. He’s looking for his forever home.


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Nacho is a 12-18 month-old girl, and most likely a Wirehair/Doxie mix. When her ears are out to the side, it looks like she could fly! She gets along with other dogs and cats seem to be okay. Nacho was found as a stray and no one claimed her. She is extremely sweet and wants to find a home that will love her forever and not lose her! Could you be the one she’s looking for?

These dogs and more are waiting for forever homes at the Evergreen Animal Protective League. Check here for information on meeting these pooches and their friends.


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