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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

There are only two things that really matter in life: the first is playing. When I had to leave my mamma, thankfully I was taken home by a boy who understands this. Not only does this little guy love to play with me, he knows to put my commode in the corner of my little house, because I am very fastidious about these things. He knows I need affection, and lots of it. He knows I love style, and hung a lovely hammock for me. And he knows that girls just want to have fun.

But when the fun is over, and I’ve completely worn him out, then it’s time for that other thing…


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Cat and dogs are not just our pets, they are our friends, our companions, and members of our families. When they are sick, we want the least stressful and best possible care for them. This is one reason Mountain Vet to Pet offers in-home care for our patients – to reduce the level of stress on all members of the family. If your beloved furry friend needs a procedure that cannot be done in the home, we also have a welcoming, comfortable facility for them.

What may be news to you is that we offer veterinary care not only for cats and dogs, but also ferrets. A common misconception is that ferrets are rodents, but they are not. They actually descend from European Polecats, which belong to the Mustelidae family. Centuries ago, breeders began domesticating polecats by choosing genetic traits that would produce a great hunting partner, and the ferret was born. Another member of the Mustelidae family is the otter, and ferrets share their playful nature. The ferret is fully domesticated, like a cat or dog, and makes a lovely pet for anyone looking for a quiet, yet playful animal. They sleep about eighteen hours per day, but also enjoy frolicking with the family.

If you already have a ferret, or are thinking of getting one, don’t hesitate to call Mountain Vet to Pet. We’ll provide unsurpassed veterinary care for your adorable, somewhat mischievous friend.


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