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Training Tips ~ The Recall

Training your dog to come when called is probably the most important thing you’ll ever teach him. At some point, responding to your recall command will keep him from danger. If your dog does not come, some consistent training and lots of praise can fix that.

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Putting your dog on a long lead, walk away from him. Crouch down (this is an inviting pose for your pooch) and call “Come.” Gently reel your pup in. When he gets to you, no matter how long it takes, reward him with a treat and generous praise. Continue working with the long lead, and always make coming to you a rewarding experience. Never scold or punish when your dog comes to you, even if you’re smoking at the ears because of something he’s done. He’ll associate the punishment with the last thing he did – which is come to you.

Continue working consistently with your dog, taking him off the lead in an enclosed area, but never take him off leash out in the open until you feel you can trust him completely to obey your recall command. When he’s mastered this command, it will give both of you more freedom out hiking or at the dog park.


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Training Tips ~ Tone of Voice

What tone of voice do you use when you call your dog? “Skip! Get over here! Skip! SKIP!” If you’re angrily yelling for your pooch and he’s not responding, maybe you should consider what’s happening. Think about it – if someone is shouting your name in an irritated manner, how excited are you to come running?

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Your tone of voice matters just as much, if not more than the words you’re using. A flat tone may elicit a flat response from your dog. And a grumpy voice certainly won’t encourage him to come running happily. Based on your tone, he may think he’s in big trouble when he gets there, and take his sweet time about it.

Properly training your dog to come when called, combined with a happy tone of voice, can work wonders for you. Your dog is definitely smart enough to learn individual words, but he’ll also listen to how you sound. With my own dog, I can say, “You bad thing. You are so naughty,” and tail wagging, he flops over for a belly rub. Why? Because my tone is soft and friendly, and he feels only happiness and security. But if he’s in trouble, all I have to do is say, “Uh, oh,” in the right tone, and his ears go down, his tail goes down, and he takes a submissive “I’m sorry” pose.

So be aware of your own tone of voice, especially when getting your dog to respond to a recall. And when he comes when called, always respond with lots of praise.


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A Mother’s Love

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Pet Training Tips ~ Don’t Jump!

It may be cute when your puppy jumps up on you because she’s so excited to see you and loves you so much.  But this quickly stops being cute when it’s an 80-pound dog knocking you (or your friends) to the floor in his excitement. So how do you get your pooch to stop jumping? It really only involves two things – praise and consistency.

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First off, you can’t successfully teach your dog not to jump on others when you let him jump on you. So the first step, is to train him to stay down when you’re around.

1. Turn your back to your dog when you come in the door and he jumps up on you. Wait until he stops jumping and say, “Good!” offering praise the moment he stops jumping. 

2. Say, “Sit!” and don’t acknowledge him with a touch or word until he sits. Offer affection at this point, and be consistent!

3. Practice not jumping with friends once your dog has mastered this with you. If he jumps say, “Off!” in a firm voice and then make him Sit. Have your friends offer praise and treats for good behavior. 

4. Anticipate jumping situations and have your dog Sit before he can jump, or redirect his attention elsewhere.

5. Consistently praise your pooch when he doesn’t jump. He wants to please you, and this will be a big motivator for him.


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Eight Below

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Walt Disney Pictures presents Eight Below, the tale based on a true story of incredible friendship between eight amazing sled dogs and their guide Jerry. Circumstances separate Jerry from his dogs during an extremely harsh winter in Antarctica, and Jerry’s beloved sled dogs must learn to survive together until he can rescue them. Driven by unwavering bonds of friendship, enormous belief in one another, and tremendous courage, Jerry and the dogs make an incredible journey to reunite in this triumphant and inspiring action-adventure the whole family will treasure. If you love dog movies, this is definitely one you don’t want to miss.



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Fresh Breath

This leaves the kitty with minty-tuna breath and is reason enough to store the toothbrushes in the cabinet, don’t you think?

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Big Hearts Wanted

“People who love cats have some of the biggest hearts around.” – Susan Easterly


The Evergreen Animal Protective League has several loving cats available for adoption. Check here to see these beauties, to meet their friends, and to find out how to start the adoption process.


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Quinn is a very sweet medium-haired gray tabby. She is two-years-old and her original owner had to give her up because she had too many pets and felt she would do better in a quieter household. While a bit shy at first, she’ll open up with a little petting. She’d really love to meet you.


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Pepper was left behind when his owner passed away and the family put him outside. It’s definitely their loss. Pepper is a wonderful boy. He is about eight-years-old and is a shorthaired black kitty with white on his stomach. He is very quiet and thoughtful, and also very loving. He’s been really great with the other cats. Could you possibly provide Pepper’s second forever home?


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Nikita, a sweet and friendly shorthaired white and gray kitty, had her life disrupted when her owner ran into personal problems and had to relinquish her. She was a favorite in the cat room because she gets along with everyone – cats and humans alike. Nikita has tabby marks and is about eight-years-old. She’s waiting to give all her love to her forever human. Maybe it’s you.


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