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Rotational Diet

A rotational diet for your dog is based on the idea that more variety will provide better overall health for your pet. Unlike a conventional feeding plan where the same food is served at each meal, diet rotation involves varying a dog’s menu on a daily, weekly, or other periodic basis.

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You don’t eat the same thing day in and day out, so why should your dog? By varying the proteins, veggies and fruits your dog eats, he will receive a more diverse and complete micro-nutrient intake from his food.

There are several benefits to a rotational diet for your pet, including a variety of new flavors and textures, which makes your dog less finicky, and a decrease in the risk of allergies by regularly switching protein sources. A rotation diet reduces the risk of intolerances because any one specific protein is not being overfed so the body does not become sensitive.

There’s really no right or wrong way to implement a rotational diet. Just offer various proteins (e.g. beef, chicken, and salmon) and forms (raw, dry, cans and fresh) to your pet. All foods can be rotated daily, weekly or monthly, based on what’s most convenient for you. It’s all about giving your pet something different, instead of the same old thing. It’s easy to start. Just buy a few different foods (some raw, some canned, some dry, with different ingredients) and begin rotating. You can even add in fruits and veggies, like bananas and carrots.Your pooch will be excited about eating again!



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Eating Right

Nutrition for your dog does not have to be complex.  As a matter of fact, your dog’s nutrition can be thought of in the same terms you approach your own eating plan.  If you are an active person, getting regular, heart pumping exercise, your intake of complex carbohydrates – vegetables, fruit, whole grains – and whole proteins – meat, eggs, rice and bean combinations – needs to be higher than someone who is more sedentary.  In order to keep your body fueled and your energy at a high level, every meal has to offer choices in both of these areas, and your meals should be spaced frequently throughout the day rather than in large portions in one evening meal.  When you take your dog on one of your runs up the closest mountain, he is burning calories in a rapid hurry, and like you, will need the right nutrients to replenish in order to function at his best for the remainder of the day.  A dog that is fueled on less than nutritious food or too few of the right calories will become unfocused, hyper and irritable – just like someone you might know.  If you have a high altitude athlete running at your side every day, stop in at Dogma and ask Craig what his menu suggestions would be.  He and his three Great Danes will be happy to help.


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