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Big Hearts Wanted

“People who love cats have some of the biggest hearts around.” – Susan Easterly


The Evergreen Animal Protective League has several loving cats available for adoption. Check here to see these beauties, to meet their friends, and to find out how to start the adoption process.


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Quinn is a very sweet medium-haired gray tabby. She is two-years-old and her original owner had to give her up because she had too many pets and felt she would do better in a quieter household. While a bit shy at first, she’ll open up with a little petting. She’d really love to meet you.


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Pepper was left behind when his owner passed away and the family put him outside. It’s definitely their loss. Pepper is a wonderful boy. He is about eight-years-old and is a shorthaired black kitty with white on his stomach. He is very quiet and thoughtful, and also very loving. He’s been really great with the other cats. Could you possibly provide Pepper’s second forever home?


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Nikita, a sweet and friendly shorthaired white and gray kitty, had her life disrupted when her owner ran into personal problems and had to relinquish her. She was a favorite in the cat room because she gets along with everyone – cats and humans alike. Nikita has tabby marks and is about eight-years-old. She’s waiting to give all her love to her forever human. Maybe it’s you.


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Awaken Your Soul

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Best Friends Waiting

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. ~ Josh Billings


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Meet Indy, an Aussie/Retriever mix who is approximately 1-2 years old. He is a very sweet and loving boy that is full of energy, and he gets along well with other dogs. Indy is micro-chipped, but was picked up as a stray. The owners were called and they said they gave Indy away and did not want to claim him. He’s looking for someone to love. Are you the forever home that this handsome boy deserves?



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This tiny little guy is full of personality. Peewee is a three-year-old neutered Chihuahua. He loves all people big and small. He loves to cuddle with his person but if they are up and about, he will follow everywhere they go. Peewee is full of playful energy so he would really benefit from a canine companion. This little guy weighs about 4 pounds, and would love to meet you. He’s looking for his forever home.


dog wash in Evergreen


Nacho is a 12-18 month-old girl, and most likely a Wirehair/Doxie mix. When her ears are out to the side, it looks like she could fly! She gets along with other dogs and cats seem to be okay. Nacho was found as a stray and no one claimed her. She is extremely sweet and wants to find a home that will love her forever and not lose her! Could you be the one she’s looking for?

These dogs and more are waiting for forever homes at the Evergreen Animal Protective League. Check here for information on meeting these pooches and their friends.


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Be My Valentine

dog wash in EvergreenMisty was a sweet kitty living as a stray cat in someone’s outbuilding. When the local animal rescue was notified, they talked with the owners and learned they didn’t want the cat and were planning to kill her. When she was picked up, to the surprise of everyone, she had five babies hidden under junk in the building.  The rescuers rounded up mama and all babies and brought them to the shelter. Misty was very loving and seemed to be calm and content living at the shelter.
She greeted her rescuers every morning with purrs and leg rubs. When her babies were old enough, they were spayed and neutered and each of them a found loving home of their very own. Misty herself was also spayed and found a wonderful, indoor home with plenty of affection and cozy places to lounge.

You could express the greatest act of love this Valentine’s Day by adopting a rescue animal. Adopt from a shelter – it might be the most rewarding thing you ever do.


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The Beauty of Cats

The Evergreen Animal Protective League has several beautiful cats available for adoption.


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Benji is about 10 months old. He is a Bengal mix and a very sweet boy. He is neutered and litter box trained and is waiting patiently for his forever home. He loves to play, responds to his name and likes to be petted and brushed. He’s not crazy about being held, but he’s ready to learn to be more social. He would do well with one other cat. After spending his life mostly outdoors, he’s decided he prefers to be an indoor cat. Click here to learn how to meet this handsome guy.


Holt is a friendly and playful 18-month-old short haired boy. His owner moved away and was not able to take

dog wash in Evergreen


his cats. He’s extremely easy going, gets along with other cats, is not afraid of dogs, and seems to be very adaptable. Check here to see how to meet Holt.


dog wash in Evergreen


Missy’s owner moved away and was unable to keep her; while she’s still quite shy, she’ll come out for petting and attention. Missy is a beautiful long haired girl who’s about 18 months old. She’s getting better each day about coming out for visiting folks. She’d love to meet you. Click here for more information.


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Taffy, Koko & Savanna

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. ~ Billings

dog wash in EvergreenThis sweet girl is Taffy. She is a very beautiful orange and cream colored wire-hair terrier mix. Taffy is about one-year-old and was very recently spayed (on 12/5/11). She had a litter of four pups and they are all on their way to finding their new homes, so it is her turn now. She is a sweet little girl looking for her forever home. Come on in and prepare to be charmed.

These two little Dachshunds are Savanna (black and tan about 20 pounds) and Koko (dapple red about 10 pounds). They are each approximately two-years-old, and are not related although they have grown up together. Their owner passed away and the girls were found staying by her side when someone came over to check on their human. They are sweet and loving and very attached to each other. dog wash in EvergreenThey need to go to a home together. They love to be out walking, or just hanging and watching TV with their human. Come meet these sweet girls ~ they may be just right for your family.

Meet these sweethearts, and others, at the EAPL.


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There is Something About Cats

“Cats, like butterflies, need no excuse.” – Robert A. Heinlein

Anyone who has experience with a very shy, but very sweet boy needs to meet Chester. Someone left this wonderful boy behind to fend for himself, and he was treated badly. He is learning now that people will be kind to him, and the other cats are teaching him how to socialize. Chester loves pets and scratches, but is still a bit nervous if approached too quickly. This beautiful orange tabby is simply looking for the right home.


Seabiscuit is one of ten siblings who were all black and white. Very much a girl, she is curious and playful, but will settle well into a waiting lap for snuggles and petting. Seabiscuit is loving, playful, very social and has a wonderful personality. Maybe she’s just right for you.


Ebony is a very special girl. She was rescued as a pregnant stray, with hip displasia as well, and had to undergo a c-section to save her babies. She is a very petite, loving lap cat who will have a bit of arthritis as she ages. Right now she gets around very well, aside from jumping to high places. Ebony will play fetch and then curl up in your lap for a long nap.


Check the EAPL for information about these beautiful felines, or to get a quick introduction to other animals available for adoption.


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