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What Have You Read Lately ~ Dog Years

Dog Years by Mark Doty.

Award-winning memoirist and poet Mark Doty explores, with compassion and intelligence, the complicated, loving territory inhabited by devoted dogs and their loyal humans. In 1994, when the author’s longtime lover was dying of AIDS, beloved pet Arden kept the surviving partner afloat. A new adoptee, the rambunctious Beau, in his “sloppy dog way,” becomes a part of the tribe and carries some of the burden of grief. Doty says Beau “carried something else for me too, which was my will to live.”

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Dog Years shows both the abundant pleasures and unavoidable heartbreak of loving people, life, and especially dogs. As someone who is in love with a dog, I found this book to be and oracle of truth. For those who have yet to love a dog, it will be a revelation.  ~  Ann Patchett




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