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Meet and Greet

The following is great advice about how to introduce your dog to another dog, at the Dog Park, for example. It is excerpted from Thriving Canine ®. Check here for the complete article.

dog wash in EvergreenIf you are both comfortable with allowing the two dogs to meet, you should make sure everyone is calm (humans and dogs) and do so with a loose leash. Be sure to have an exit strategy. Don’t allow their leashes to become a tangled mess potentially locking you in a game of Leash Twister Madness.

The Three Second Rule: 

  • Three seconds is the maximum amount of time the initial greeting should last. When I say three seconds, it’s one alligator, two alligator, three and walk away. Number three does not get an alligator. I’ve seen it time and again where dogs lose it on the third alligator. Now, if there’s barking or growling that happens before that, walk away sooner. We don’t want it to escalate.
  • When you’re walking away after number three, give the dogs a second to forget about one another. Once both dogs have been distracted, you can bring them back for another meeting assuming the first one went well.
  • Keep your eyes peeled and be fully present (Don’t be texting while a dog meeting is taking place.)
  • Eye to eye greetings are a recipe for disaster. If there is a stare down going on, don’t allow them to meet.
  • Tails tell a tale. If tails are stiff, tucked or only the tip is wagging like a rattle snake, this is a sign that you either need to disengage before the three seconds are up or really watch closely for those initial three seconds.
  • If one dog is positioning his head over the top of the other dog’s head, walk away.
  • If their jaws are tight and they’re not breathing, walk away.
  • What you want is a relaxed posture with loose wagging tails and relaxed jaws.
  • It is common and good for dogs to sniff each other’s butts. Believe me, they think that our hand-shaking ritual is weird too. That being said, even if the initial greeting is good, the three second rule still applies for the one out the gate.
  • Last but not least, the three second rule is particularly important for the first greeting, but a very good practice for all dog greetings, even for dogs that already know each other. Give them their three alligators, walk away and if all goes well, take it from there. There will most likely come a time when you can eliminate the three second rule but it’s always a good idea to work up to it. 

Facilitating a proper greeting lays the foundation for your dog to have strong relationships not only with other dogs, but with you, their owner, as well. It is another opportunity for your dog to know that you’ve got things under control which builds trust.


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Meet Me at the Park

He knew this would be a day to remember the minute she walked in.  She was beautiful for sure, but there was something else about her, was it in her eyes?  It was clear she lived a whole life though her youth belied the fact.  She was shy at first, keeping to herself, while the others caught up and became reacquainted.  He kept an eye on her as he hung with his crowd, looking back for her to follow.   Finally she stepped out, as though willing to join in and he was immediately at her side offering subtle reassurances, staying with her as he introduced her to the usuals.  She was smart and sure of herself as she came out of her shell, and he knew that she was the girl of his dreams.  They met every Thursday at the park for a run and he learned that her life had not been easy but since her adoption things were looking up.  His story was much the same and their bond grew firm.  They enjoyed wrestling over a stick and chasing up and down the hills and around the trees.  He always brought extra treats for her and made sure the bowl had water when she came for a drink.  The park was their place, no leashes, just open and wild, safe from the outside world, a place to become the truest kind of friends, and so they would be.  Friends for life, exploring the Elk Meadow Park made just for dogs-a place where love is born every day.


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Call Me Beautiful

When it’s time for our sweet Collie-mix, Simon, to go outside to ‘use the facilities’, if there happens to be a single drop of precipitation in the air, this is what happens: he runs to the door in excited anticipation; he stops dead in his tracks as he smells the rain or snow; he slowly backs away from the door, sits, drops his ears, and begins to blink rapidly. His tail wags a little bit, and the message is clear. In his silent way, he is screaming the question – “You want me to get WET?!?!?”

Now imagine bath time. I don’t think I could physically wrestle him into the tub and have us both come away unscathed. Thanks to Dogma Pet Supply & Dog Wash, I don’t even have to make the attempt. They have some lovely people, including Sara and Angel, who are professionals of the highest standard. They will not only get my pup clean in the hard to reach places, and coax his thick fur into glossy beauty, but they will do it in a way that makes him feel adored and pampered. It’s a spa day for Simon, instead of mutual torture for the two of us if I tried groom him myself. I let the fabulous groomers at Dogma do all the work, and then happily receive the compliments I get at the dog park about my beautiful animal. If you like the idea of a grooming experience that is virtually pain-free for all concerned, then call for an appointment at Dogma, and take advantage of their spectacular full-grooming service.


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