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Canine Diabetes

Effective treatment of canine diabetes is very rewarding. You can help your dog regain its quality of life. Your veterinarian can determine if your dog’s symptoms are diabetes-related and devise a treatment plan. You can successfully manage your diabetic dog’s health with insulin therapy, the correct diet and exercise.

Diet is extremely important in the successful management of canine diabetes. Ideally your dog should be fed exactly the same diet every day given at the same time. Lots of treats and snacking between meals should be avoided. This doesn’t mean that your dog cannot have any treats at all. Your veterinarian will be able to suggest snacks suitable for diabetic dogs that can be given occasionally.

Diet impacts the amount of insulin released in the body – in both humans and canines. After a meal is digested glucose is released into the bloodstream. Insulin responds to glucose levels. If your dog is not producing the proper amount of insulin, its blood glucose levels will get too high. The type of food that your diabetic dog eats can have a significant effect on this.

A meal full of sugar causes a sudden increase in blood glucose. If a meal is high in complex carbohydrates (starch and fiber) glucose is released over a longer period in a more controlled way, without spikes in blood glucose levels. An ideal diabetes diet is usually restricted in fat content, has a high complex carbohydrate content, and is high in fiber. Your veterinarian can help you choose a proper diet. With treatment, your diabetic dog can have a very full and rewarding life.


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It All Counts

Part of the quality care that your pet receives at Mountain Vet to Pet comes from the fact that Dr. Lisa Warren has spent years building an understanding of cats and dogs, knowing exactly what makes them tick.  She pays attention to what causes agitation and what promotes calm and security, because when your pet isn’t wasting energy being fearful or stressed, their treatment is more productive.  The Mountain Vet to Pet office doesn’t smell or look clinical but rather provides a comfortable, reassuring welcome, much like home.  Not only does the front “living room” atmosphere calm the patient but it gives the rest of the family a sense of well-being, which also contributes to the serenity of the patient.   The examination rooms are not walled in but instead have large windows so that your dog can see out, a basic canine requirement in order to maintain their calm.  Even the art on the walls is placed specifically with your four legged family member in mind.  Cats can become tense when they are confronted with large images in wall art, so the 36’ X 24’ portrait of the Great Danes, though beautiful, doesn’t hang in the examination room.  Neutral, earthy colors on the walls and floor create a subdued sense of order and quiet harmony.   A Vet’s office planned with the happiness of the patient and the family in mind makes a tremendous difference in everyone’s pet care experience – simply healthier by design.


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Diabetes-Sniffing Dogs

As we do every time we leave town, last summer we packed up our sweet pooch,
Simon, to go stay with our neighbor and her Black Lab while we were gone. Simon has a real bond with our neighbor Miss T, who is diabetic. Well, when we got home, Miss T told me an amazing story. She related how she had had a diabetic seizure while home alone, which is caused by plummeting blood sugar levels. She woke up with Simon crouching over her, licking her face, pushing on her with his nose, and doing all he could to wake her up. She believes if it weren’t for him, she would never have woken up enough to consume the sugar necessary to bring her out of danger. She is absolutely convinced that Simon saved her life.

I must have displayed disbelief in my face, because she soon sent me a link about diabetes-sniffing dogs. I learned that hypo alert dogs are trained for this very thing – to smell low blood sugar and alert their companion by barking, licking or whining.  I started to look at my dog with new eyes. He became even more special to me with my new belief that he had instinctively saved my friend’s life. I became determined that he deserved the very best I could give him.

I think we can all agree that ‘the very best’ we can give our pets is good health. Good health for our animals, based in good nutrition, is a cornerstone of Dogma Pet Supply. They carry several choices for you to provide your dog with a well-balanced diet of natural and wholesome ingredients, including such brands as Evo, Great Life, Pepper Dogz, and Honest Kitchen, just to name a few. Our four-legged friends are so tremendously loyal to us. We can thank them for all they selflessly give by serving them food that’s good enough to eat.


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There are few creatures capable of understanding the eloquence of a good nap – the kind that cannot be disturbed by sudden displays of affection, or tempting treats.  When truly napping, the artist, which is what I consider myself, transports himself to a different place, a higher plane as it were, where the focus is only on lounging, stretching and displaying the full length of my exquisite beauty.  A master napper may even splay toes in an expression of superior relaxation, and the deep sleep will at times be accompanied by a luxurious purring sound that tells the world to stay back and let the napping continue.  Napping is happiness and practiced achievement rolled into one perfected experience that few can understand and even fewer will share.  Thankfully I have accomplished the ability to nap whenever and wherever I choose which is what makes me a cat and the rest of you something else.


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