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Rotational Diet

A rotational diet for your dog is based on the idea that more variety will provide better overall health for your pet. Unlike a conventional feeding plan where the same food is served at each meal, diet rotation involves varying a dog’s menu on a daily, weekly, or other periodic basis.

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You don’t eat the same thing day in and day out, so why should your dog? By varying the proteins, veggies and fruits your dog eats, he will receive a more diverse and complete micro-nutrient intake from his food.

There are several benefits to a rotational diet for your pet, including a variety of new flavors and textures, which makes your dog less finicky, and a decrease in the risk of allergies by regularly switching protein sources. A rotation diet reduces the risk of intolerances because any one specific protein is not being overfed so the body does not become sensitive.

There’s really no right or wrong way to implement a rotational diet. Just offer various proteins (e.g. beef, chicken, and salmon) and forms (raw, dry, cans and fresh) to your pet. All foods can be rotated daily, weekly or monthly, based on what’s most convenient for you. It’s all about giving your pet something different, instead of the same old thing. It’s easy to start. Just buy a few different foods (some raw, some canned, some dry, with different ingredients) and begin rotating. You can even add in fruits and veggies, like bananas and carrots.Your pooch will be excited about eating again!



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Finicky Eaters

Sometimes getting your pooch to eat well is a challenge. Oh, I know – those dogs exist who will eat absolutely anything. But then there are those canines with more delicate sensibilities, and they can be very particular. The problem can be something very simple – like my fur-kid who, no matter what I give him, seems to prefer something else. Oh, he’ll eat his food. We don’t have a problem with it – unless his little friend from next door spends the night, bringing her own food. When that happens, he ignores his completely and eats all hers. There must be some deep doggie psychology there…

But sometimes the problem is difficult and ongoing. Some of us have pets that are downright finicky. Does your dog turn his nose up at his dry kibble, but the moment you put a dollop of yogurt or peanut butter on it, he gobbles it like there’s no tomorrow? Or have you ever opened a can of food, and your dog acts all excited – tail wagging, eyes bright – and then you put it in his dish and he won’t eat it? Dogma Pet Supply and Dog Wash™ understands the connoisseur of canine cuisine. We have a vast variety of extremely healthful foods for your dog – grain-free kibble, raw food, chunky wet food and pate´. If your furry friend won’t eat what you give him, come in to Dogma™ and let us help you find something that will make you both happy.


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On the Boardwalk

Today is “that” day – that special fun day when I go downtown with my pet. She grabs my beautiful bandana (style is very important to me, as I’m sure you guessed) and we walk the historic downtown boardwalk in Evergreen. First, we always stop at the bank, where I’m welcomed like an old friend. If I give the teller my most winning smile, I’m sure to get a yummy treat.

Then we choose outdoor seating at one of the local restaurants or coffee houses. My sweet pet gets something for herself, while I lounge under the table, accepting gentle pats and compliments from friendly shoppers. If we stay long enough, it seems we see the whole town pass by. I love our boardwalk days! They’re full of snacks, catching-up with old friends, greeting the neighbors, and generally being admired by all – and all this in the beauty of our friendly mountain town. I must say – it’s good to be me!


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Play Time

That beautiful Colorado weather beckons to you. Your mind fills with excitement as you imagine that perfect afternoon hike, or a brisk morning run. Well, as you reach for the leash, whistle for your best friend and fill your bottle with water, don’t forget to grab some water for him, too.

At Dogma™, we are crazy about our dogs, as we know you are about yours. That’s why we offer such a large variety of healthful, nutritious choices for your pet. But many loving, good-hearted dog owners sometimes forget that the most important part of their pet’s diet may be clean water.

Just like us, our dogs’ bodies are 80% water and they need to be well hydrated to maintain optimum health and well-being. And, just like us, pets need more water when they’re exercising. So, as the days get warmer and longer and those Colorado Mountains call to you, gather your gear, fill your water bottles, and go have a ball with your four-legged friend.


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Get a Towel

Mud season is here and that means it is time for Rover to have a bath.  You can do it like you did last time – the time you fell flat on your back on the kitchen floor because you were chasing your soapy wet dog, who had just escaped the bathtub and decided to run through the house.  As he whisked through the living room he managed to clear the coffee table of the bunch of tulips that were arranged in the crystal vase your mother sent for your birthday, spilling water onto your laptop that you left open on the floor and into your purse that was sitting next to it.  By the time you wrestled him back into the bathtub you’d bitten your tongue, wrenched your back, and you thought you might be missing a tooth. Imagine this time, walking him into Dogma where the groomer will be waiting to meet you.  She will take your dog and give him the clean-up he desperately needs without bodily injury to you or him.  So he will come out scrubbed and brushed and you’ll still have all your teeth.  Some decisions are just easy.


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