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Bringing it Home

Taking your pet to see their doctor can be a lot like getting a baby to take medicine.  If they decide they are going to be miserable, there is no convincing them otherwise.   Mountain Vet to Pet offers the perfect solution.  Dr. Lisa Warren actually comes to your house, equipped with an amazing tool kit that allows her to examine your dog or cat in the comfort of their own home.  They feel they are greeting a guest rather than visiting the evil person who gives them shots.  She connects with the pet and the family with genuine caring concern and by the end of your appointment you will find yourself breathing a sigh of relief.  When there is an emergency situation, Lisa is always available through email and answers her calls in a timely manner.  Wyatt, who is an especially charming mix of Rhodesian Ridgeback and Hungarian Vizsla, finds his visits with Dr. Warren “low stress and worth a good tail wagging”.  He loves when she comes to the house and how she calls him “gorgeous”.  There is no better place than home to address your pet’s health needs.  People doctors used to make house calls.  They could take a lesson.


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Go Team!

We love people who love dogs and if they’re famous people who love dogs, all the better.  Tim Tebow, back-up quarter back for the Denver Broncos, who many people think should be the starting quarter back, recently got himself a dog.  It’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback, caramel colored with black eyeliner and nose, and Tim named him Bronco, like there would reasonably be any other choice.  Ridgebacks are easily identifiable for the ridge of fur that runs in the opposite direction along their back, but beyond that they are beautiful, affectionate dogs with lots of energy and a sense of adventure.  Ridgebacks will look you right in the face and act like they know what you’re thinking and they can be very manipulative with their big, brown pleading eyes and expressive brow line.  They love to chew, so watch your socks, and they enjoy frequent play dates with other dogs.  Still, they don’t like to spend much time away from their people, so hopefully Tim has purchased box seats for Bronco at the games.  I think the VIP Lounge serves kibble on request.


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