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Big Hearts Wanted

“People who love cats have some of the biggest hearts around.” – Susan Easterly


The Evergreen Animal Protective League has several loving cats available for adoption. Check here to see these beauties, to meet their friends, and to find out how to start the adoption process.


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Quinn is a very sweet medium-haired gray tabby. She is two-years-old and her original owner had to give her up because she had too many pets and felt she would do better in a quieter household. While a bit shy at first, she’ll open up with a little petting. She’d really love to meet you.


dog wash in Evergreen


Pepper was left behind when his owner passed away and the family put him outside. It’s definitely their loss. Pepper is a wonderful boy. He is about eight-years-old and is a shorthaired black kitty with white on his stomach. He is very quiet and thoughtful, and also very loving. He’s been really great with the other cats. Could you possibly provide Pepper’s second forever home?


dog wash in Evergreen


Nikita, a sweet and friendly shorthaired white and gray kitty, had her life disrupted when her owner ran into personal problems and had to relinquish her. She was a favorite in the cat room because she gets along with everyone – cats and humans alike. Nikita has tabby marks and is about eight-years-old. She’s waiting to give all her love to her forever human. Maybe it’s you.


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Best Friends Waiting

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. ~ Josh Billings


dog wash in Evergreen


Meet Indy, an Aussie/Retriever mix who is approximately 1-2 years old. He is a very sweet and loving boy that is full of energy, and he gets along well with other dogs. Indy is micro-chipped, but was picked up as a stray. The owners were called and they said they gave Indy away and did not want to claim him. He’s looking for someone to love. Are you the forever home that this handsome boy deserves?



dog wash in Evergreen


This tiny little guy is full of personality. Peewee is a three-year-old neutered Chihuahua. He loves all people big and small. He loves to cuddle with his person but if they are up and about, he will follow everywhere they go. Peewee is full of playful energy so he would really benefit from a canine companion. This little guy weighs about 4 pounds, and would love to meet you. He’s looking for his forever home.


dog wash in Evergreen


Nacho is a 12-18 month-old girl, and most likely a Wirehair/Doxie mix. When her ears are out to the side, it looks like she could fly! She gets along with other dogs and cats seem to be okay. Nacho was found as a stray and no one claimed her. She is extremely sweet and wants to find a home that will love her forever and not lose her! Could you be the one she’s looking for?

These dogs and more are waiting for forever homes at the Evergreen Animal Protective League. Check here for information on meeting these pooches and their friends.


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Be My Valentine

dog wash in EvergreenMisty was a sweet kitty living as a stray cat in someone’s outbuilding. When the local animal rescue was notified, they talked with the owners and learned they didn’t want the cat and were planning to kill her. When she was picked up, to the surprise of everyone, she had five babies hidden under junk in the building.  The rescuers rounded up mama and all babies and brought them to the shelter. Misty was very loving and seemed to be calm and content living at the shelter.
She greeted her rescuers every morning with purrs and leg rubs. When her babies were old enough, they were spayed and neutered and each of them a found loving home of their very own. Misty herself was also spayed and found a wonderful, indoor home with plenty of affection and cozy places to lounge.

You could express the greatest act of love this Valentine’s Day by adopting a rescue animal. Adopt from a shelter – it might be the most rewarding thing you ever do.


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Pet Rescue ~ Cow

When we read about a loved and treasured family pet saving its owners, it warms our heart and we are impressed and reassured that pets are wonderful. But how can we explain the instinct that seems to exist in some animals, either domesticated or wild, to intervene in order to save the life of a human? These stories exist and they are simply amazing.

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Photo curtesy of The Orange County Register

Janice W. operates a refuge in Arkansas. One day while in the back pasture, her 11-month-old Watusi calf turned suddenly, totally blocking her path. She grabbed its horns and attempted to force it out of her way, but it tossed its head, knocking her out of the way. It was then she saw the Copperhead – exactly where her foot would have stepped if it weren’t for her calf. Although this viper’s venom isn’t usually fatal to an adult, it could have been fatal for Janice who was recovering from surgery. Her life was saved by this animal she cares for: not a dog, not a cat,  – a cow. That’s quite wonderfully amazing.


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Take Me Home

The EAPL has some beautiful, loving animals looking for their forever home. Maybe that home is with you.

dog wash in EvergreenThis is Merrell, an active Doberman seeking a family or couple. She enjoys hiking, biking, and camping. She has basic obedience training and house manners. Merrell is good with most dogs and adores small dogs! She is even friendly with cats and other small animals. She will play fetch non-stop, loves water activities and swimming is her favorite past time. She is a loyal and fun companion. She likes children but prefers them to be at least 10 years old. Merrell is Black and Tan, 6 years old, spayed, natural eared, tail docked. 


dog wash in EvergreenVato is a one-year-old, long-haired blue Chihuahua. He is crate trained, and house trained (does well with the doggie door). This beautiful little boy is very playful and loves his canine companions. He’d love to find a family that has plenty of time to play and snuggle with him. He does not get along with children — he does not bite but he will bark until they leave. His very favorite place is on his person’s lap but he would be happiest if he had a canine companion to play with. This tiny little guy weighs just 5 pounds and is neutered.


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Best Friends

dog wash in EvergreenCharly is about one year old and is a Norwegian Forest cat, with a beautiful brown & grey fur coat with white patches. Charly was found outside as a stray cat. He’s quite a tough cat to have survived in a mountain neighborhood, but you can tell that he was once a house cat. He is very sweet and loving with people, very social and loves being part of a family. Charly may have had bad experiences with other cats and can be agressive towards them, so he’d be the perfect only pet in a family.


dog wash in EvergreenStormy is a short-haired grey & white kitten found all alone in a pile of trash and so she’s had a few trust issues, but she’s coming around quickly. Once you win her heart and she trusts you, Stormy will be devoted to you forever. She is a sweetheart who is a bit reserved. She loves playing with other cats, and with cat toys like feather wands and lasers. She’ll probably always need someone who can protect her and encourage her to enjoy life! Maybe that someone is you?


dog wash in EvergreenThis long-haired, calico-point Himalayan is a  gorgeous girl, about eight-years-old. Tyra wants nothing more than to be the only cat! Sweet as can be, she loves to be combed and loves to sit on your lap. Sweet Tyra has blue eyes you could drown in. This beautiful, loving sweetheart could be just the right addition to your family.


Check out the EAPL to start the adoption process, or to find out about other available animals.


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A Dog Named Christmas

dog wash in Evergreen

Animal lovers all know how a relationship with a pet can change a life. A Dog Named Christmas (based on the book by Greg Kincaid) was originally broadcast by CBS as a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie in 2009 and is now available on DVD. It is a heart-warming tale of a developmentally challenged young man named Todd McCray living with his parents in the rural midwest. Todd loves animals and cares for hurt animals in the woods by his home. Over the Christmas holidays, the local animal shelter launches an “Adopt a dog for Christmas” program and Todd connects with a yellow labrador at the shelter, whom he brings home for the Christmas season. “Our dog wash in Evergreenhope with this movie is to start a nationwide fostering program, and that many families who agree to ‘foster’ an animal for the holidays will decide to ‘adopt’ the animal for its lifetime,” author Kincaid says. This is truly a feel-good movie for the holidays, and well worth watching.


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