Mountain Vet to Pet

Dr. Lisa Warren is originally from England. She is a 2001 graduate from The University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine in Athens, Georgia. Dr. Warren’s practice background includes extensive emergency, feline and geriatric canine and ferret veterinary care. Colorado has been her home for the past five years and lives with her son, 3 dogs (Jack who is a Border Collie mix, Sarah and Bugger Boo both Chihuahuas) and 2 cats (Bogget and George). In her spare time, she and her son are avid skiers, and enjoy the company of horses whenever they can.Mountain Vet to Pet was started 4 years ago to meet the needs of geriatric patients in the Evergreen and surrounding communities. The practice expanded providing care for all the life stages of dogs, cats and ferrets. In 2007, the surgical facility was added providing a more comprehensive practice abiding by the same philosophy of quality compassionate care, at an affordable price in an environment that limits the stress and anxiety of our special companions and their caregivers.

A Mobile Veterinarian Service Serving the Evergreen Mountain Community

… providing the best in quality, compassionate veterinary care in the comfort of your home

Most non-surgical services can be provided in the comfort of your pet’s home. In the event that your pet needs a procedure requiring anesthesia, such as a dental or surgery, these services are provided at our surgical facility in Evergreen, next door to Chow Down Pet Supplies.  Transportation is available for these procedures.

Why choose home veterinary care?

There are many reasons to consider at home veterinary care. Many pets are anxious at the veterinary office experiencing unfamiliar smells and sounds that result in creating a negative experience for them. Many pets, especially cats, find being placed in a travel crate and a drive to the veterinary office extremely stressful for them and their owners. Some of our clients are housebound themselves making these essential visits for their pets very difficult to coordinate

Geriatric Pets

Dr. Warren shares a special interest and love for the well-being and quality of life of our senior pets and this is the primary focus of her practice.  There are now many options to relieve the common ailments of our elderly pet, and all are available through Mountain Vet to Pet.  All examinations and diagnostic bloodwork are provided in your pets home where their anxiety will be at a minimum and their comfort and security at a maximum.  In the event that your pet needs an anesthetic procedure at our facility, accommodating the subtle and not so subtle special needs of the elderly pet will provided which include a quiet, pleasant environment with a limited amount of fellow patients, extra comfy beds, soothing music and plenty of TLC from familiar faces.


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