Training Tips ~ Chewing

17 Feb

All dogs love to chew – it is a natural instinct for them. The problem is, they can’t tell (without guidance from you) what are appropriate things to chew on. Prevention is really the best way to avoid a chewing problem with your pooch. Here is some good advice for preventing the problem before it starts.

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  1. Puppy proof your home – take away the things that tempt him to chew.
  2. Provide your dog with a few tasty chew toys. Make it perfectly clear to your dog that if he needs to chew, it must be on the chew toys. If you’re dog is going to be home alone, why not put some tasty treats in a dog toy for him to play with before you go?
  3. Keep your dog in a safe and confined area while you are away from home. This could be a dog crate, kennel run or any secure room in your house. Be sure to provide a few chew toys in this area and ensure that there are no dangerous objects present.
  4. Provide your dog with lots of exercise, both physical and mental when you are at home, including walks and games.

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