Pet Rescue ~ Cow

30 Jan

When we read about a loved and treasured family pet saving its owners, it warms our heart and we are impressed and reassured that pets are wonderful. But how can we explain the instinct that seems to exist in some animals, either domesticated or wild, to intervene in order to save the life of a human? These stories exist and they are simply amazing.

dog wash in Evergreen

Photo curtesy of The Orange County Register

Janice W. operates a refuge in Arkansas. One day while in the back pasture, her 11-month-old Watusi calf turned suddenly, totally blocking her path. She grabbed its horns and attempted to force it out of her way, but it tossed its head, knocking her out of the way. It was then she saw the Copperhead – exactly where her foot would have stepped if it weren’t for her calf. Although this viper’s venom isn’t usually fatal to an adult, it could have been fatal for Janice who was recovering from surgery. Her life was saved by this animal she cares for: not a dog, not a cat,  – a cow. That’s quite wonderfully amazing.


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