Miss Kitty or Chairman Mao?

12 Jan

dog wash in EvergreenSome of us take our pets very seriously, and tend to give them “people” names. For example, my own two felines are Mimi and Zoe. They think they are people, they believe they own the house and just let us live there, and therefore they seem worthy of these names. But others use the opportunity of pet ownership to demonstrate their cleverness and wit, and choose names that are, well… multi-layered, shall we say.

How about the kitty named Alogue. Do you see it? A cat named Alouge – yes, I believe you’ve got it. (Cat)alogue. This is perhaps only funny to the owners of this sweet fur-ball, but kind of catchy. Along these same lines, there’s also Astrophe, Amaran, or Atonia. There are other feline names full of irony, like Tuna, Catnip, Nemo or Bird.

This same wittiness can be applied to canines. What is your pooch’s name? Askim.  Or how about Stay? COME Stay. (Okay, that’s a bit confusing).  Or, possibly my favorite I’ve heard, Nonobadog, always said in love, of course.

One of my daughter’s favorite songs is called Fifteen Animals. Fourteen of them are named “Bob.” The fifteenth, his turtle, is Simon James Alexander Ragsdale III.

So, how do you feel about your own pets? Are their names clever, or names you would give to your children? Or does your pet have some spectacular name (like the above mentioned turtle) with great meaning? We’d love to hear.


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