Animal Rescues – Puppy

09 Jan

There’s a reason we have the saying, “Dog is man’s best friend.” Dogs are unbelievably loyal to their masters, and even young dogs have a natural protective instinct. This story is an example of courage and protectiveness in a small wash in Evergreen

9-year-old Richie Bragg was playing in his yard when he was surrounded by a swarm of bees. Running for the house, he received a few stings in his foot; but thankfully, Richie was playing with his 18-week-old puppy, Pinky, who saw his distress and immediately jumped into the swarm. The bees, distracted by Pinky, turned their focus on the puppy, stinging her more than 40 times, while Richie made it safely into the house. Pinky was rushed to the veterinary hospital and survived; and Richie — who has a condition that prevents his blood from quickly clotting – could have experienced severe complications if he had been stung more times trying to get to safety. Pinky undoubtedly saved Richie, and the two will surely be best friends forever.


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