Best Friends

21 Dec

dog wash in EvergreenCharly is about one year old and is a Norwegian Forest cat, with a beautiful brown & grey fur coat with white patches. Charly was found outside as a stray cat. He’s quite a tough cat to have survived in a mountain neighborhood, but you can tell that he was once a house cat. He is very sweet and loving with people, very social and loves being part of a family. Charly may have had bad experiences with other cats and can be agressive towards them, so he’d be the perfect only pet in a family.


dog wash in EvergreenStormy is a short-haired grey & white kitten found all alone in a pile of trash and so she’s had a few trust issues, but she’s coming around quickly. Once you win her heart and she trusts you, Stormy will be devoted to you forever. She is a sweetheart who is a bit reserved. She loves playing with other cats, and with cat toys like feather wands and lasers. She’ll probably always need someone who can protect her and encourage her to enjoy life! Maybe that someone is you?


dog wash in EvergreenThis long-haired, calico-point Himalayan is a  gorgeous girl, about eight-years-old. Tyra wants nothing more than to be the only cat! Sweet as can be, she loves to be combed and loves to sit on your lap. Sweet Tyra has blue eyes you could drown in. This beautiful, loving sweetheart could be just the right addition to your family.


Check out the EAPL to start the adoption process, or to find out about other available animals.


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