Wanted: Forever Home

22 Nov

This is Cody, a Blue Heeler mix who was surrendered by his owner because they didn’t have time to care for him properly. Cody is a great family dog, loves children, and just needs some structure (walks, exercise, and consistent training) He is looking for a warm, loving family! Cody much prefers being with people, inside or outside. He is house trained. He is a quiet dog and does not bark much. He will stand by the door and put his paw up to the door when he needs to go out. Cody is a wonderful guy just waiting to meet you!


Twinkie is a very loving little girl. It’s hard to imagine how anybody could have abandoned such a loyal friend. She’s never met a person she doesn’t like and will stay forever if you rub her tummy. She seems to be especially fond of children. She is a Min Pin / Chihuahua mix who does well with the other dogs but would be very happy as an only dog as well. Twinkie is housebroken and is about 3 years old.


Gordie, a flat-coated retreiver mix,  is 18 months old and has been adopted and returned twice by people with inadequate time and space for a large puppy. Gordie’s wish list has always been small – a family with time for him, a yard, children that like to go out and play with him, and maybe even another dog friend to play with while you are gone. He is sweet, gentle, housebroken, knows his basic commands and gets along with everyone and everything.

Visit the EAPL for more information.


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