Some Private Felines

15 Nov

“Some animals are secretive; some are shy. A cat is private.” ~ Leonard Michaels


The Evergreen Animal Protective League has three shy girls just waiting for that “forever person” to bond with. Check here to meet them and their friends.


Missy is a long-haired grey tabby who’s about eighteen-months-old. Missy’s owner moved away and was unable to keep her; while she’s still quite shy, and getting used to her new living arrangements, she likes to come out for attention. She’s getting better each day about coming out for visiting folks. She’s just waiting to warm up to the right person.


Minnie, a long-haired grey & black tabby, is very, very shy, and still not completely trusting of people due to her time growing up on the streets. You’ll find her hiding but she is slowly improving and does love to be petted. Not the least bit aggressive, Minnie will make a wonderful addition to your home, especially if you already have another cat who would help draw her out. 


Nonie’s owner passed away recently and this wonderful short-haired grey tabby has adapted well to her new environment. Nonie is very loving. She’s used to living with multiple cats and has a very passive personality. She is a bit shy but with attention, she really warms up. Nonie will follow you around and head butt your hand to get you to pet her. She’s basically a happy, purring cat.


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