A Gift for Your Fur-Kid

14 Nov


For humans a well-balanced diet of natural and wholesome ingredients is essential for optimal health. The same couldn’t be truer for our four legged companions. Most commercial grade pet foods are designed to keep your pet reasonably healthy at the lowest cost possible. These products usually lack a variety of fresh, natural, and wholesome ingredients. Instead low grade meats, fillers, and byproducts are used with hardly any nutritional value.

At Dogma™ we carry the best diets available for pets. You will find these all-natural and raw foods at our store. Come in and buy a case of canned dog food, or a bag of food, and receive a free buffalo shin bone as our gift to your fur-kid. Dogs love to chew, and it seems they can smell a real meat bone a mile away. The problem with tossing your dog a bone from the table scraps is that many bones tend to splinter and can actually be dangerous for your pet. Buffalo shin bones are made entirely in the USA with free range, grass fed buffalo (American Bison). They are good for big and small dogs alike, and they will not splinter! 

If you’re not sure what the best diet is for you dog, we’d love to talk to you about it. We are here to educate you and offer you the tools to give your dog the best, most fulfilling life possible.


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