Go Fetch!

26 Oct

As with humans, a consistent fitness program developed with your particular dog or cat’s needs in mind is one of the best ways to ensure they live a long, happy, active life with you. A fit dog or cat is less likely to suffer from a long list of health issues, including heart disease, diabetes and joint issues. Unfortunately, a quick glance at recent statistics shows that many pets are unfit. According to MSNBC, approximately 50 percent of pets in America are overweight.

The truth is, your dog or cat isn’t going to shape up unless you take the lead. Since cats do better with indoor play, have plenty of toys around so they can do what they do best: stalk and pounce. For your dog’s fitness to improve, you yourself are going to have to become motivated. Get up off the couch and put on your walking shoes – then go have some fun.

A brisk daily walk, playing fetch with a favored toy, or climbing stairs are all good ways to get your pooch’s blood pumping. The reward is great – a longer, healthier and happier life for him. Check out MSNBC for some more creative ways to improve Fido’s health. He’ll feel better with the exercise, and he’ll love his playtime with you.

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