Maine Coon Cats

28 Sep

The worlds biggest purebred cat is the Maine Coon cat. The Maine Coon is the largest breed registered by the Cat Fanciers Association and male Maine Coons can weigh as much as thirty-five pounds. They are America’s only natural, long-haired native breed (meaning they have no exotic wild-species bloodlines). Their coat has three separate layers which kept them warm in the cold New England winters. They have a massive tail which serves more than one function. The length gives them balance and agility at high speeds and while climbing. While sitting, the 8-inch circumference fur on the tail – called a brush – wraps around the legs and stomach to conserve body heat. 

The world record holder for longest domestic cat is a Maine Coon measuring over four feet long from nose to tip of tail. Knowing how heavy my ten-pound kitty feels after she’s been on my lap for a while, I can only imagine cuddling up with this furry baby. And Maine Coons are sweet, intelligent animals that love to cuddle. Who needs an electric blanket this winter? Just bring home a Maine Coon.



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One response to “Maine Coon Cats

  1. Just Ramblin' Pier

    October 8, 2011 at 10:58 am

    Hugest cat ever! Wow! : )


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