Great Danes

20 Sep

The Great Dane is a gentle giant and is very sweet, affectionate, and playful and he is generally well mannered. This breed is commonly used as a watch or guard dog and does very well.

Great Danes are very responsible and dependable, making them great as a family pet. This breed should be extensively trained during puppyhood so they do not lean on people, especially children. His sheer size makes this breed very intimidating, however this dog is extremely gentle and loving. They can do well around other dogs, but should be socialized to prevent them becoming dog aggressive. 

The Great Dane requires a dominant handler and firm yet gentle training. Obedience training at an early age is best, as this breed can prove difficult to train fully-grown. Great Danes should have a large sized yard and plenty of exercise room. A very large breed, they require long walks regularly. With proper care (an owner who is a “pack leader” and plenty of exercise), these dogs make absolutely fabulous companions.

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