Finicky Eaters

08 Sep

Sometimes getting your pooch to eat well is a challenge. Oh, I know – those dogs exist who will eat absolutely anything. But then there are those canines with more delicate sensibilities, and they can be very particular. The problem can be something very simple – like my fur-kid who, no matter what I give him, seems to prefer something else. Oh, he’ll eat his food. We don’t have a problem with it – unless his little friend from next door spends the night, bringing her own food. When that happens, he ignores his completely and eats all hers. There must be some deep doggie psychology there…

But sometimes the problem is difficult and ongoing. Some of us have pets that are downright finicky. Does your dog turn his nose up at his dry kibble, but the moment you put a dollop of yogurt or peanut butter on it, he gobbles it like there’s no tomorrow? Or have you ever opened a can of food, and your dog acts all excited – tail wagging, eyes bright – and then you put it in his dish and he won’t eat it? Dogma Pet Supply and Dog Wash™ understands the connoisseur of canine cuisine. We have a vast variety of extremely healthful foods for your dog – grain-free kibble, raw food, chunky wet food and pate´. If your furry friend won’t eat what you give him, come in to Dogma™ and let us help you find something that will make you both happy.


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