Big Dogs Huge Paws

30 Aug

There is a huge need for big dog rescue due to the fact that most of the large breeds do not have any legitimate rescue options and there are always more dogs in need than any one organization can help. Big Dogs Huge Paws believes every big dog deserves a chance, and has focused their rescue and rehabilitation efforts on Great Danes, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards, Mastiffs (All Types), Irish Wolfhounds, and Scottish Deerhounds. Their goal is to make sure that every dog receives only the best of care, food, and training. Dogs are placed in foster homes until *forever homes* can be found. Through community outreach and public relations, they hope to decrease the number of dogs needing rescue in the first place and “ensure that no gentle giant in need is forgotten or left behind.”


Dogma Pet Supply and Dog Wash™ loves all breeds, but we have a special place in our heart for the large breeds. Craig, the owner here at Dogma, has three Great Danes and knows personally how special these big dogs can be. If you’re a dog lover, there are always volunteer opportunities at Big Dogs Huge Paws. In fact, volunteers are the backbone of the organization. Please click here for more information.


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