Meatball & Matzoball

26 Aug

Although Adam Sandler frequently plays emotionally stunted men in his films, in his life he is a family man and a lover of animals. Adam’s first dog, a brindle bulldog named Meatball, lived with him in his bachelorhood. In 2003, when Adam married his wife, Jacqueline, Meatball attended – wearing a black suit and a white yarmulke (in honor of Adam’s Jewish faith). Soon after the nuptials, the happy couple added another bulldog – Matzoball – to their growing family.

Today, Adam and Jacqueline are the parents of two beautiful daughters and the owners of several four-legged fur-kids. Adam says that after the birth of his children, his bulldogs became jealous because they were accustomed to getting all his undivided attention. His dog, Matzoball, tried the same trick every day to send a not-so-sublte message. He would watch the girls playing with their toys. The next day, he would leave those exact same toys for his owners to find – torn to pieces and covered in dog slobber! Maybe they needed to give that pup some of his own toys! Hopefully, by now, they’ve all become fast friends.


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