Time at the Salon

23 Aug

We bathe and brush our beautiful Collie mix, but about mid-summer, his coat becomes unmanageable. He is shedding his winter fur, and it becomes matted and really kind of nasty. He picks up sticks and leaves in his fur, some of which get caught next to his skin and poke him. It’s at this point we admit that we can’t handle it ourselves – it’s time for a professional grooming.

Groomers not only wash and brush your dog’s coat, but a groomer can also get rid of up to 90% of the fur your pooch is shedding. They also trim the nails, and do a variety of other things that improve the comfort and health of your dog. In our situation, we find that once that undercoat is thinned out, we can maintain our pup’s gorgeous fur as his new winter coat grows in. 

Dogma Pet Supply and Dog Wash™ has a self-wash facility for those who want to bathe their dog themselves, but simply don’t want the mess at home. Dogma™ also offers full-service professional grooming. Before the first snow flies, maybe you should make time for your fur-kid at the groomers, and help him get ready for that new winter coat!

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