The Good Mama

15 Aug

This is my baby. Being the good mama that I am, I take excellent care of her. I carry her around the house with me. I scold her (when necessary). I bathe her. I’m even working on training her in the litter box. I occasionally drop her in there and tell her what to do, but she seems to be a very slow learner. I, however, am very patient with her because, as I said, she is my baby. I love her.

The other day, my pets were getting ready to leave us. I could tell because they got out the big box with the zippered lid where they put their clothes when we are abandoned. I didn’t want either of us to be left behind, so I took my baby, jumped in, and we curled up together in the corner. My pets came in, cooed at us, said sweet things to us, and then moved us both to the bed. (Can you imagine?!?) They filled the box and left us anyway. Oh, well. They’ll be back. And in the meantime, I have my constant companion.


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