Two Cats Can Live As Cheaply As One

10 Aug

“Two cats can live as cheaply as one, and their owner has twice as much fun.” – Lloyd Alexander

Caitlin, a short-haired brown tabby, was a young pregnant kitty when relinquished. She was too young for babies, and she struggled with a terrible infection. Now healthy, spayed and having renewed energy, Caitlin is enjoying her “kittenhood” again. She can be quite the scavenger but will also curl up in your lap. She is ready to bond with her forever human.

Black Bean’s original owner suffered a severe stroke and is unable to care for her cats now. Her animals were well loved and received extremely good care. Black Bean is a beautiful long haired black girl with a white stomach; very girlish and sweet, she loves to be stroked and carried. She is very much a lap cat and she does well with her housemates. She is approximately two-years-old and would love a chance at a new home.

Cloudy was named for her coloring not her disposition! She is a medium-haired grey and white kitty and lived her first life as a stray. Cloudy is very sweet and playful and she loves high places! She is approximately three-years-old and is anticipating her first real home!

Evergreen Animal Protective League has these cats and many more available for adoption. Please visit their website for more pictures and information.


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