Black Bears

08 Aug

There are an estimated 12,000 black bears in Colorado. I should know – they’re all family, really. I am an inquisitive creature, very adaptive, bright and social yet secretive. I am quite tolerant of you and am generally shy and wary, avoiding people as much as possible-unless I’ve grown used to getting my food from you.

In mid-August, like clockwork, I move to oak brush habitat in search of berries and acorns. During the fall, if the food supply is there, I will feed 20 hours a day, consuming 20,000 calories and adding 2-4 pounds of fat daily for my winter hibernation. I may eat 20-30 pounds of chokecherries (it takes 1,500 to make a pound), serviceberries, squaw-apples, buffalo-berries and gambel oak acorns a day. So don’t bother me, I’m eating – and I won’t bother you. I’m busy packing on the pounds for my long winter’s nap. 


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