Make it Wag

03 Aug

Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won’t buy the wag of his tail.

– Henry Wheeler Shaw


You have the ability to put the wag back in a good dog’s tail. The Evergreen Animal Protective League always has many dogs available for adoption. Today we’ll meet just two.

Meet precious Brighton, a two-year-old boxer/lab mix. She is quite shy. She settles nicely on her leash after she understands she is not going to be hurt. Cats seem to be fine with her – she simply ignors them. Do you have room in your heart to show Brighton a world without fear? She would love to meet you.

This is Honey, a lab mix who is approximately five-years-old. She has spent her entire life on a chain. She was rescued when some people saw the family packing up and moving out, but their dog being left behind. They took her in and EAPL has been caring for her, trying to get her weight up so she could start to look for a wonderful, loving, understanding forever family!  She is a very loving dog and eager for human attention. Are you the one, the family she’s looking for? She will be available to meet you after August 10th.


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