Good Enough to Eat

02 Aug

Sweet Wyatt, a Rhodesian ridgeback, had started walking away from his food. He simply wasn’t interested, and being a large and active dog it was crucial that he get enough calories along with the proper nutrition. So Wyatt’s pets brought him into Dogma Pet Supply and Dog Wash™, where we were able to calculate the exact number of calories he needs daily, as well as analyzing what he might be missing from his diet.

One of the new foods we introduced to him, and which he absolutely loves, is from Great Life Performance Pet Products. At Great Life, they use freeze dried raw protein with balanced freeze dried organic raw greens, organic freeze dried fruits and vegetables, organic mixed baby sprouts (enzymes) and pre and probiotics. They then enclose the kibble in wild salmon oil. They utilize ingredients that encompass a full nutrient spectrum and the food is made in small batches where quality is tightly controlled. This food is truly good enough to eat. In a pinch (say a massive snow storm where you were housebound and ran out of food), you could add a little seasoning and eat it yourself – without sacrificing one ounce of goodness or nutrition. Why feed our dogs anything less nutritious than we would eat ourselves? Now that Wyatt is getting quality foods that meet all his needs, eating is once again a joy for him.


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