27 Jul

When we decided we wanted to get a dog for our children, we headed to the local shelter to choose one. When we stepped out of the car, there were a few dogs outside, but the majority were inside the building. Walking past these outdoor pooches, one of them looked us in the eye, his ears perked up, and he started to wag his tail. His face was full of anticipation, like he knew us, like he was waiting for us.

But we were determined to look around. We went inside, and met some dogs. But then we went back out to look again at the dog in the yard. Once again, his ears perked up, his tail wagged. He even took a step toward the kennel door, as if he expected us to open it. I said, “I think he wants to go home with us.” And so he did. He jumped into our car like he’d been riding in it his whole life. He curled up next to our bed that night like it was the most familiar thing in the world. And as I lay there thinking about how we’d gone out to choose a dog, I realized that’s not really what happened. Our dog chose us.

Dogma Pet Supply is a great advocate of adoption. If you’re looking to bring a dog into your family, check your local shelter first. There may be some sweet pup there just waiting to choose you.


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