Kids Need Pets

26 Jul

You want to keep both your child and pet happy and safe. If you have children, here are some basic tips for helping them develop a relationship with the family pet.

  • Teach your child to read your pet’s body language and identify signs that your pet wants to be left alone. 
  • Teach your child how to protect himself from an overexcited pet by demonstrating the basics of dog bite prevention, such as rolling into a ball, protecting hands and face and calling for help.
  • Teach your dog to respond to the word “Stop” and encourage your child to practice using that word when appropriate.
  • Don’t let your child’s friends bring their pets into your home without adult supervision.

In addition, keep your pet’s toys and your child’s toys completely separate. The pet’s toys may not be safe for your child, and vice versa. Visit ASPCA for more valuable tips concerning pets and families.

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