The Smartest One in the Room

01 Jul

I try not to be pushy about it, but basically – I’m the woman in charge of everything. As long as all the dogs and puppies around understand that, well then, everything is good. Unbelievably, my own pets seemed to overlook this fact about me, and had the audacity to bring a much older male into our home. He came waltzing in like he was going to run the show. Well, I simply couldn’t stand for that. We tussled, he bit my ear – it wasn’t pretty. 

As I stepped back to regroup, I decided I’d watch him and discover his weaknesses. In doing just that, something quite surprising happened. I realized he was actually very charming. There was a way about him that I liked, and in that moment, I decided he should stay. 

Now, I don’t mean to brag, but I am by far the cleverest dog in the house, and a plan immediately formed in my mind. I would let him think he was running things, but in reality I would continue to get exactly what I want. So far, it’s working beautifully. My pets are totally in the dark, and so is he. We’re all happy, and I figure, what they don’t know…is definitely to my advantage.


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