30 Jun

Anyone who was a fan of the television show Frasier knows that one of the stars was a little character named Eddie. Eddie was played by Moose, who was born in a barn on December 24th 1990 in Weirsdale, Florida. He was the fourth in the litter delivered by his mother, Tag. Moose spent his early years as a house dog in Orlando, Florida until his first owners put him up for adoption because he was just to frisky.

After his next owner returned him because Moose was just too hard to handle, the dog was finally adopted by Kathy Morrison of Universal Studios – Florida. Apparently what he really needed was to find his true calling – acting. A short time later he became the beloved character Eddie on the television show Frasier.

Moose’s trainer was French-born Mathilde DeCagny, who worked for Hollywood animal supplier Birds & Animals Unlimited. She used a massage technique called the “Tellington Touch” to sooth Moose’s hyperactive nerves and relax him; and offered Moose treats from her “bait bag” to entice him to obey her commands. He thrived as Eddie and seemed to find a joyful purpose in performing. In January 2000, Moose with the help of screenwriter Brian Hargrove released an autobiography published by Harper Collins entitled My Life as a Dog that offered a canine perspective on life.

Moose was a Jack Russel terrier, a breed requiring a lot of attention and patience. His trainer understood his personality and temperment, and worked with that to bring joy to millions of viewer. And althogh Moose passed away in 2006, all you have to do is turn on the T.V., find an episode of Frasier, and  – smile.


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