No No Get Down

28 Jun

I stand with my chin on the windowsill, watching you pull away. I know what you’re thinking – that I’m giving you my puppy-dog eyes because I can’t believe you’re leaving without me. But the truth is, I’m just waiting to make sure you’re gone. As soon as you’re out of sight, I run for my favorite place – the chair you always seem to call “nonogetdown.” I curl up for a few hours of absolute peace. And when I hear your car turn into the drive, I slip to the floor. It’s not that I’m being naughty – I would never purposely do that. It’s just that, the few times you’ve caught me in the chair, you’ve used your “not so happy” voice when you yelled, “nonogetdown!” And I live to make you happy. So I figure if you think I took my nap on the floor, well then, that’s good for both of us!


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