Safe Travels

17 Jun

Adults would never allow their kids to travel without seat belts, but a dog without a seat belt presents an equal danger. Imagine a family riding happily in their mini-van, with a sixty-pound dog sitting in the back seat. Now imagine that Dad has to swerve, or slam on the brakes. Not only can the dog be injured, or injure an occupant of the vehicle, but a loose dog in a car can actually cause the accident.

There are many reasons why your dog should wear a seat belt, not only for his protection, but for yours and others. The author Stephen King was hit by a vehicle and seriously injured because the driver was distracted by his dog. We love to have our pets with us, but they can distract us, and distractions cause accidents. And if you have to slam on your brakes, or if your vehicle hits another car, you and everything else that’s not restrained goes flying. A large dog hurtling at you or another passenger from the backseat can not only cause injury, it can be deadly for you and the dog. And in the horrible circumstance of an accident, having your confused and possibly injured dog restrained in a seat belt minimizes danger both to him and to those who are trying to help you.

Obviously, your dog cannot simply be belted in using  the seat belts in your car. Placing him in his crate, and then belting the crate in is also not the best solution – in the event of an accident or sudden stop, he will be slammed into the wall of his crate. Dogs need to be restrained properly, with the right product. At Dogma Pet Supply and Dog Wash™, we can help you find the right seat belt for your pet – one that allows some freedom of movement, but not too much – increasing his safety, and yours. We can help you find a product which is the right size for the weight of your dog. And as you buckle your furry friend in, we can honestly wish you happy and safe travels.

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