American Horseman

16 Jun

Ronald Reagan was an extremely charismatic President, beloved by millions. But there was something that attracts some of us even more—something that makes us proud to share a link and a personal love: Reagan owned horses – not just any horses but Arabian horses.  In 1975 he purchased a registered grey Arabian gelding, and this was the first of many horses he owned and loved.

Nancy Reagan shared this love of horses with her husband. Together Ronnie and Nancy rode the trails of their ranch, El Rancho del Cielo, and marveled over the glories that God had presented them there. Cielo means “heaven or sky,” and they frequently delighted in the beauty they witnessed around their home. In about 1981 Mexican President Jorge presented Reagan with a white Arabian stallion named El Alamein. There are many pictures of the Reagans riding – but this one of El Alamein seems to suit Mr. Reagan well.

It seems fitting that this American President owned glorious Arabian horses that symbolized the courage, honesty, dignity, grace, and goodness that he exemplified in his own life. Even those who didn’t agree with his politics, must agree that he was an exceptional horseman.


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