Nobody Owns a Cat

14 Jun

As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat. Ellen Perry Berkeley

We have two cats, and one thing I can tell you is this: they chose us – we did not choose them. Oh, we might have thought we were doing the choosing. We were quite methodical, discussing the qualities we were looking for and meeting all the available cats. But when it came right down to it, in each case, she reached out a paw, looked in our eyes, and clearly (if silently) said, “I’m going home with you.”

The Evergreen Animal Protective League has many cats and kittens wanting to choose that perfect someone to live with. Maybe that someone is you. Visit the EAPL website for more information about all the regal beauties they have available for adoption.

This is Chunky, a very sweet polydactl boy. He is short haired and about four-years-old. The family is having a baby and feel their house is too small for cats now. Chunky is used to small dogs and other cats and would be a great addition to any household. He is playful and affectionate and would love meet you, and, of course, show off his wonderful paws.

Orion’s picture sums him up – a beautiful Snowshoe Siamese mix, he is a laid back, loving boy. He is also about four-years-old and is a friendly, mellow kitty. His owners moved to Hawaii and although it was heartbreaking, they couldn’t take him with them. Orion is a perfect gentleman and will make a great addition to any family.

Papaya is a very mellow boy who is dealing well with diabetes now that it’s been regulated. He is a loving eight-year-old Orange Tabby and is seeking a very special home. He is just right for someone looking for a lap cat. Come in and meet him and he’ll see if your lap is ‘just right’ for him.


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