Pack Life

07 Jun

Every member of the pack must have a job – it’s what gives us purpose and fills our life with joy. For me, that job is clear – it is to protect the rest of the pack, especially the little ones, and to make sure our home is safe. I bark at all the furry intruders who would dare to walk by our territory, letting them know in no uncertain terms what awaits them if they step over the line. The foxes, the bears – they don’t scare me, because I know what my job is, I know what I’m here for. I check out all the little noises while you sleep, making sure we are secure. I welcome you back to the pack when you’ve been away, with tail-wags and adoration, reassuring you that all is well. And sometimes, I just sit and gaze over the land, letting all who pass by know that this spot belongs to our pack, and this spot is not unprotected. I love my pack, I love my job – you are safe with me.


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