The Shin Bone’s Connected to the ….

03 Jun

Dogs love to chew, and it seems they can smell a real meat bone a mile away. The problem with tossing your
dog a bone from the table scraps is that many bones tend to splinter and can actually be dangerous for your pet. At Dogma™, we care about your dog’s health, and have a perfectly healthful product to satisfy his desire to chew – buffalo shin bones.

Each all-natural buffalo shin bone is approximately 8″ in length and weighs nearly one pound.  Sold as individual bones, it’s important to make sure that they are exposed to dry air (this is a natural bone product after all). These shin bones are recreational bones and are not meant for consumption, but  they are great for dogs who do not normally eat raw meaty bones and outstanding as a very long lasting chew treat for dogs eating a raw food diet.

Buffalo shin bones are bursting with flavor! They are made entirely in the USA with free range, grass fed buffalo (American Bison). They are good for big and small dogs alike, and they will not splinter! Come in and check out our buffalo shin bones and other treats – then watch your pup enjoy himself to the fullest!


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